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7 Reasons to Consider the Light Adjustable Lens

If your eye doctor has told you it is time to have cataract surgery to restore your vision and improve your quality of life, you might wonder which intraocular lens, or IOL, is right for you. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know that you are choosing a lens that will accomplish your vision goals.

The Light Adjustable Lens is one of the newest, most innovative IOL options. This revolutionary IOL allows your eye doctor to adjust the power of the lens to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle requirements after cataract surgery!

If you are scheduled for cataract surgery and are thinking about which IOL is right for you, keep reading to learn seven reasons why you should consider the Light Adjustable Lens!

1. Customizable Vision

Unlike other IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens allows for customization after the lenses are implanted during cataract surgery. Following cataract surgery, your eye doctor will work with you to trial, preview, and compare your vision options.

To alter the power of the lens and thus your vision, you will undergo a series of proprietary light treatments that precisely reshape your implant to achieve your vision goals. These treatments take place right in your eye doctor’s office and require very little time to complete.

2. Improved Visual Outcomes

With other IOLs, the lens cannot be adjusted once it is implanted. If your vision is not restored to the ideal strength with the lens power that was chosen before cataract surgery, you may still have to wear glasses or other corrective eyewear.

The Light Adjustable Lens can be adapted to improve visual outcomes for people with cataracts. Often, those who opt for the Light Adjustable Lens no longer have to wear glasses to see clearly. 

3. Quick Adjustment

The Light Adjustable Lens is customized with a special Light Delivery Device (LDD) that is specifically designed to fine-tune the lens to suit your needs. This light treatment is non-invasive, and each treatment takes less than two minutes to complete.

Adjusting the lens usually takes from three to five treatments, with a rest of a few days between treatments. The total number of light treatments required varies from person to person, depending on their vision needs.

4. Reduced Dependence on Corrective Eyewear

While other IOLs can correct vision at one or more distances, most cataract patients find that they still need to wear corrective eyewear following cataract surgery. While they may be able to see things at a distance clearer than they did before surgery, they may still have a reliance on glasses for reading or seeing things close up.

An FDA study of 600 cataract surgery patients found that those who received the Light Adjustable Lens were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision without the need for glasses than those patients who received a standard monofocal IOL. This shows that opting for the Light Adjustable Lens is more likely to allow you to free yourself from cumbersome prescription eyewear.

5. Safe Technology

The Light Adjustable Lens is implanted into the eye in the same way as any IOL. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed worldwide and has been proven to be a safe, low-risk surgery.

The light treatments that customize the Light Adjustable Lens are equally safe. The eye is only exposed to the UV light used by the LDD for very short bursts of time. 

To ensure that the lenses are not exposed to any other UV light, which could inadvertently affect their shape, you will be required to wear special protective glasses until your light treatments are complete.

6. Versatile Solution

While primarily used for cataract surgery, the Light Adjustable Lens can also be an option for individuals looking to improve their eyesight with refractive lens exchange (RLE). These lenses offer RLE patients the same vision-improving advantages as they do for cataract patients.

RLE is a viable option for improving your vision if you are not a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Opting for the Light Adjustable Lens for your RLE is an excellent choice if you have extreme near- or farsightedness and would like to end your reliance on corrective visual aids.

7. Long-lasting Results

If you have spent most of your life wearing glasses or contact lenses, it can be hard to imagine what it would be like to see clearly without them. With the Light Adjustable Lens, you can have clear, precise vision for a lifetime.

Once implanted and adjusted, the Light Adjustable Lens will last a lifetime. It should never need to be removed or replaced. 

Better still, the lens guarantees that you will never again have your vision affected by cataracts. If you have cataracts and want to restore the clarity and quality of your vision, choosing the Light Adjustable Lens ensures that you are selecting the very latest in IOL technology. 

With the Light Adjustable Lens, you’ll get customized vision that is perfectly suited to your individual needs!

Do you want to learn more about what the Light Adjustable Lens can do to improve your vision? Schedule an appointment at call Nevada Eye Physicians in Boulder City, NV, today!

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