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At-Home Eye Check! October Is Home Eye Safety Month

Did you know that a surprising number of eye injuries happen at home each year? When completing daily tasks in and around the house, some people forget to take the proper precautions, leading to loss of vision or even blindness. The professionals at Nevada Eye Physicians believe the first step to maintaining healthy eyes is through awareness. This is why we celebrate Home Eye Safety Month each year in October. Learn more about eye safety at home by reading below or contacting our offices in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, and Pahrump, NV.

Scratched eye

This is one of the more common eye injuries people experience at home. Something as simple as dirt can leave you with a scratched eye. Other times, people scratch their eyes with a painful paper cut. Even minor scratches can cause redness, watery eyes, and sensitivity to light. Moderate to severe scratches lead to even worse symptoms. If you believe a foreign object has gotten in your eye, avoid rubbing the area. Try washing out your eye with saline solution or clean water to get the object out.

Chemical exposure

Another kind of eye injury involves chemicals, such as household cleaning products and bleach. You should know that a bleach eye injury is considered an emergency. A significant amount of damage can occur in a short amount of time. If a chemical gets into your eye, you need to wash it immediately by standing underneath a showerhead or placing your head beneath a faucet. Afterward, call your local urgent care center or emergency room. They can provide you with your next steps.

Physical trauma

Common household objects are also known to cause eye injuries. Kitchen gadgets, sports equipment, and even children’s toys can all affect the different structures of the eye. Based on the extensiveness of the trauma, patients may suffer from fractured bones, pain, redness, and tearing. Sharp objects can cause deep lacerations that increase your risk of vision loss, so prompt evaluation and treatment are critical. Nevada Eye Physicians in Las Vegas recommends keeping a first aid kit on hand to promptly deal with the situation.

How to improve eye safety at home

There are steps individuals and families can take during Home Eye Safety Month to improve their eye health and prevent future injuries.

  • Wear eye protection. Safety goggles can protect your eyes from flying objects during activities, such as woodworking or mowing the grass.
  • Be cautious when using hazardous products. To prevent a bleach eye injury, always follow the manufacturer warnings and guidelines as given. Always use cleaning products in well-ventilated areas.
  • Remove tripping hazards around the home. Start by securing rugs and keeping your hallways clear of clutter. This is especially important in homes with toddlers and senior citizens.

Learn more about Home Eye Safety Month

With many families working and attending school from home, eye safety has become more important than ever. Nevada Eye Physicians hopes to help you avoid common dangers, such as bleach eye injuries, that put your vision at risk. Our clinic is proud to use state-of-the-art equipment to perform comprehensive examinations and treat common issues. To schedule an eye assessment or learn more about eye safety at home, call our conveniently located offices in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite, and Pahrump, NV.

Seek Treatment Today

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with cataracts, it is important to seek attention from an eye care professional as soon as possible. At Nevada Eye Physicians, we work to both diagnose and treat cataracts to help our patients gain clearer vision. To schedule your consultation, contact one of our facilities today.

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