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How Are Eye Floaters and Flashes Treated?

Floaters are among the most common experiences people face. These transparent and spotted specks occasionally float across your field of vision. Flashes, on the other hand, are temporary streaks of light. While these symptoms are harmless on their own, patients should pay attention and contact an eye doctor if they become an issue.

So, what causes eye floaters and flashes, and when should you call Nevada Eye Physicians for an appointment? If you have any concerns about what is happening to your eyesight, schedule an eye examination in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, or Pahrump, NV. Our clinic can review your case and let you know if any treatment is required.

What causes eye floaters and flashes?

So, what causes eye floaters and flashes? Eye floaters are little irregularities that drift slowly across your eyes. They often look like dark specks or strings that move away when you try to look at them directly. Eye floaters are caused by microscopic fibers that clump together and cast small shadows onto your retina.

On the other hand, eye flashes occur when the vitreous gel in your eye pulls or tugs on the retina. This detachment is what causes the brain to perceive temporary flashes of light. You may have experienced eye flashes before if you have ever been hit in the eye or experienced similar trauma.

Are eye floaters and flashes serious?

Eye floaters are normal and not necessarily serious if they happen every once in a while. If a large number of eye floaters suddenly appear or worsen over time, you should get an eye assessment in Las Vegas. This is especially important if your eye floaters happen at the same time as eye flashes or vision loss. A sudden increase in eye flashes or other unusual symptoms, like eye pain, also requires immediate treatment from a doctor.

What happens during an eye examination

Just like other parts of your body, your eyes need regular checkups to make sure your health is up to date. This is because some eye conditions manifest without symptoms. Nevada Eye Physicians recommends getting yearly eye examinations at least once a year or as directed. Concerning symptoms, such as an increase of eye floaters and flashes, require a call to our office right away.

During an eye exam, your optometrist will evaluate your medical history and symptoms to provide a diagnosis. Our office is equipped with advanced technology and tools for the most accurate testing possible. After your eye condition has been identified, we will create a custom treatment plan moving forward. This may include prescription eye drops or a surgical procedure based on the severity of your case. We do everything we can to make sure you receive the best care possible.

Schedule your eye examination

Are you concerned about eye floaters and flashes? While some flashes and floaters are normal, it is best to get a comprehensive evaluation from someone with experience in these matters. Optometrists perform a wide range of tests to make sure your eyes are working as they should. To learn more from Nevada Eye Physicians, contact one of our convenient locations for an appointment. We are based in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, and Pahrump, NV.

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If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with cataracts, it is important to seek attention from an eye care professional as soon as possible. At Nevada Eye Physicians, we work to both diagnose and treat cataracts to help our patients gain clearer vision. To schedule your consultation, contact one of our facilities today.

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