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How to Keep Your Kids Eyes Safe on Halloween

The most frightful day of the year is coming soon. Your little one is probably already looking forward to Halloween. But if your children enjoy dressing up and walking the neighborhoods for candy, you also want to make sure they avoid injuries. A little preparation can go a long way in protecting their eye health. The board-certified professionals at Nevada Eye Physicians have provided the following tips to make this spooky holiday both memorable and safe.

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Avoid using sharp objects as props

Swords, daggers, lightsabers, and wands add a little extra flair to any costume, but Halloween props are a common source of eye injuries in children. Young children tend to swing these objects around when walking with them in the dark. This could damage their vision or the vision of another child. Most kids get tired of carrying around props by the end of the night anyway, so you are doing them a favor by leaving them at home.

Avoid Halloween eye contact lenses

You may have seen Halloween eye contact lenses in a haunted house or among other trick-or-treaters in Las Vegas. These lenses have unnatural colors and make your eyes look red or blue. However, you should never purchase contact lenses without an examination from a specialist. When used improperly, cosmetic contacts can lead to irritation. Children who are unfamiliar with contacts may scratch their eyes. Keep your eyes safe by avoiding them altogether.

Choose Halloween eye makeup carefully

Makeup is actually a great alternative to masks that cover your face and limit your vision. If you use Halloween eye makeup and cosmetics this holiday, follow these tips to protect their eye health:

  • Use hypoallergenic face paint. Children with sensitive skin may break out into rashes on the skin around their eyes.
  • Take the time to research makeup brands. Check to make sure any color additives are FDA approved.
  • Keep face paint away from the eyes. Avoid using makeup on the eyelids and eyelashes, so it does not irritate the area.
  • Buy fresh makeup. Cosmetics are susceptible to bacteria and should be thrown away after the expiration date.
  • Remove face paint before going to bed. This will help your children avoid skin irritations and eye infections the morning after Halloween.

Consider flashlights instead of glow sticks

It is essential to give your children some form of light so they can see properly when walking from house to house. Parents should stick to flashlights or reflective tape on costumes instead of glow sticks. This is because the content used in glow sticks is not safe for children and can lead to eye infections. You can look into other inexpensive products, such as LED lights, to protect their eye health.

Keep your eyes safe this Halloween!

While Halloween eye safety is important, we understand that accidents happen. If your child has injured their eyes or reacted badly to Halloween eye makeup, contact Nevada Eye Physicians as soon as possible. We can keep your eyes safe by providing state-of-the-art treatment options in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite, and Pahrump, NV. Our clinic is happy to offer our prompt care and attention.

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