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The Difference Between Premium and Traditional Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are clouding of the eye lens. They make it difficult for the retina to transmit clear images, leading to blurry vision. While they aren’t painful, if left untreated, they can lead to vision loss and a lower quality of life. This is why it’s important to seek medical attention when you’re experiencing symptoms related to cataracts. Our vision professionals at Nevada Eye Physicians in Las Vegas, Mesquite, Henderson, Pahrump, and Boulder City, NV offer surgical treatment options that eliminate cataracts and restore your vision. When you have cataracts, contact our professional team to schedule a consultation to discuss cataract surgery options.

What are some signs that you have a cataract?

There are several symptoms associated with cataracts, including:

  • Blurry or clouded vision
  • Halos around lights
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Double vision
  • Fading colors
  • Sensitivity to bright light
  • Difficulty reading even with bright light

When you suspect you may have cataracts, it’s important to schedule an appointment with our vision specialists for a proper diagnosis.

What can cataract surgery do for your vision?

When cataracts progress, our ophthalmologist at Nevada Eye Physicians may recommend surgery to remove them. With cataract surgery, your eye’s natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant, known as an intraocular lens (IOL). Our surgeons provide both traditional and laser cataract surgery options. This implant won’t change the appearance of the eye, but it will improve vision. We can evaluate the best IOL implant to fit your vision needs. The size and shape of a lens implant will vary from patient to patient. Implants are intended to last a lifetime. They are made of biocompatible materials that won’t irritate your eye. Once the eye has healed, your vision should be clearer.

What does laser cataract surgery entail?

At Nevada Eye Physicians, we are proud to offer the latest in cataract surgery technology with the FDA-approved LENSAR™ laser system and Micro-Incisional technique. We were the first to bring this laser technology to the state of Nevada. Our experienced laser cataract surgeons use this femtosecond laser technology to capture detailed images and maps of our patients’ eyes. This allows us to make precise micro incisions during the removal of cataracts. This bladeless procedure leads to faster healing and a reduced risk of astigmatism.

With micro-incision cataract surgery, we remove a cataract with microscopic incisions of just two millimeters or less. Due to the size of the incision, there is no need for stitches or needles. Our patients usually return to work and regular daily activities the day after their surgery.

Will my insurance cover premium cataract surgery?

Premium cataract surgery isn’t always covered by insurance. Our Nevada cataract specialists will assess each patient’s situation at a consultation. We have a variety of eye surgery options that may be covered. Our team can help you to understand your financial obligation prior to committing to any cataract surgery.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about cataract surgeries

If you suspect you have cataracts and are looking for surgery types to improve your vision, Nevada Eye Physicians can help. Our vision professionals offer consultations to individuals looking to learn more about the surgery options available to restore their vision. After a thorough eye exam, we can determine if you’re a viable candidate for cataract surgery and can help you choose between traditional or premium cataract surgery. To schedule an appointment with our professional vision team in Las Vegas, Mesquite, Henderson, Pahrump, and Boulder City, NV, call our office today.

Seek Treatment Today

If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with cataracts, it is important to seek attention from an eye care professional as soon as possible. At Nevada Eye Physicians, we work to both diagnose and treat cataracts to help our patients gain clearer vision. To schedule your consultation, contact one of our facilities today.

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