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Cataract Testimonial 11

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We started with my right eye and I closed my left eye and I went, “Oh my god look at the beautiful color, look what I’ve been missing all of these months.” It was like fantastic, I couldn’t believe it, it was wonderful. Then when I got the second eye done, I used to go around like this okay let’s look at this, okay I can’t wait to get my left eye done. When I got both of them done I walk around now and I see the beautiful colors of the world that I never imagined that they were so beautiful because it gradually goes away and you don’t realize that you’re missing this until boom, it’s there, and it’s wonderful. I just love every minute of it.

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If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with cataracts, it is important to seek attention from an eye care professional as soon as possible. At Nevada Eye Physicians, we work to both diagnose and treat cataracts to help our patients gain clearer vision. To schedule your consultation, contact one of our facilities today.

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