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Myint Tox Therapy

Dr. Shoib Myints Myint Tox Therapy! proven to plump and firm your skin with no bruising or pain!

Video Transcription

Okay so we’re here today with Irma. Hi Irma.


So Irma is concerned about her cheeks and the texture of her skin, is that right?

That is correct.

Did you have Botox before or fillers?

I did.

How long ago?

Probably like six months ago.

Okay, so she’s had injectables six months ago. What we’re going to try to do today, is we’re going to try to change the texture of her skin, rebalance her, and rejuvenate her. What I’m going to do is inject into her skin, a combination of Botox and Juvederm. I call the Myint Tox Therapy. And what we’re going to do is diffuse this medication under her skin, just under her skin. We’re not going into the muscle. We’re not going any deeper than that. We’re just going to try to change the texture of her skin.

And the way I’m going to do that is I’m going to deliver the medication through portal and this is a micro-channeling technology that was patented. It’s fantastic. I think this is the future of the way drugs will be delivered into the skin for skin care. So there’s gold-plated needles that each needle is thinner than a human hair. And what we’re going to do is as I go in, the medication’s going to diffuse just under the skin through these needles. And the reason why I do it this way instead of using, let’s say a syringe with a needle, which is how we always do it, is because there’s less pain, no bruising, no black and blue, and very quick.

Okay, are you ready?


So I’ve already wiped her off with alcohol. And we’re going to get started here, and here we go. So this is the first one, how does feel?

Not bad.

Feel anything.

A little bit. It’s not bad.

Basically what’s happening is you can see tiny, tiny bits of fluid on the surface of the skin, but the product and I can see this, is being delivered right under the skin and I’m overlapping a little bit. As I do this, what we’re going to try to do is help her with her pores, is what Botox is going to do, and it’s going to turn a little bit red. I’m going to help her plumping her skin up a little bit, which is what the Juvederm does. How’s it feeling?

Not bad at all.

And you can see, it’s turning slightly red, that’s kind of what I want. Is there any pain?




Okay, good. We’re going to turn over here. We’re going to do a little bit on this side now. And then we’re going to see her back usually in about two weeks, to see how she’s doing. If she gets the response that I expect her to get, going to see her back in about a month to a month and a half, and we’re going to redo this. I tell patients that you probably need to maintain this every one to two months to keep it going. It’s somewhat of a micro-needling technology, but the technology here is not only achieving micro-needling, but you’re actually delivering the medication. Right under the skin. Is it okay?


Good. So these tiny needles are so tiny, it’s not going too deep, that’s why she doesn’t feel that much in pain here. You can see on a layer the wetness. That wetness is the indication that this all penetrating under her skin. That’s kind of what you want to see. And we can do this all over the face, you can do it in the chin. Sometimes the peau d’orange can make sort of stipple looking chin, so we’re going to try to smooth that out by injecting in this area as well.

 And again, I’m going right under the skin, just barely under the skin, to help with the pores. Not going into the muscle, not going to deep like the traditional injections that we do to relax muscles so that you don’t have movement. This is a very different method here that we’re trying to do and a method we’re trying to accomplish.

You feeling okay?


That’s pretty much it, so she didn’t feel any pain, right?

Nope. No pain at all.

There’s no bruising. There’s a little redness from the actual micro-needling and she can go to dinner, she can out, she can do whatever she wants, wear makeup and there’s nothing else that she needs to do. She’ll come back in 30 days and we’ll look at it again. So that’s the Myint Tox Therapy that goes subdermal into the skin, with this AquaGold technology that I have.

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