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First Person Routine Eye Exam

A routine eye exam with Nevada Eye Physicians as seen in first person.

Video Transcription

Hi, good afternoon. Welcome to Nevada Eye Physicians. Can I have you sign in, please? Once you’re done signing in, if you’ll just step right over here so I can go ahead and get you checked in. Are you a new patient with us? I’ll need your insurance card and your photo ID, please. I’ll need you to fill out some forms for us and then finish this. This is your medical history form. I’ll have you take that and have a seat in the lobby, and the technician, Tracy or Pearla, will be with you momentarily.

Mr. Smith, hi. Welcome to Nevada Eye Physicians. I’m Tracy. I’m gonna get you started with Dr. Chinichian today. Right this way. Right in here, and you get a seat in the exam chair. All right, so you’re having trouble with your vision and you need a vision exam? No problem, I can do that for you. All right, let me just pull you up on my computer. All right, we’re gonna go ahead and check your vision. We’re gonna cover your left eye. You see the monitor down behind you there? We’re gonna cover the left eye and look through the hole with the right. What do you read right there? Good. Good. Now we’re gonna do the other eye and we’re gonna go over here again. And here? And here? And how about there? Good job, all right.

Okay, we’re gonna go ahead and check your reading vision now, okay? No, right here. Looking at the numbers on the left side of the card, what’s the smallest row you can read left to right for me? Right there? Good, okay. All right, let me go ahead and throw your script in here. Actually, let me borrow your glasses for a minute and get the prescription off of them, and I’ll be right back. All right, go ahead and set those to the side. We’re gonna use our big pair of glasses.

All right, okay. All right, now looking at the Z up there, and this being one, is it better one or two? One, one or two? Good, perfect. Good job, okay. Same thing, other eye. Now I’m gonna go ahead and check your glare. This is gonna simulate car lights at night. Okay, see the big E? If I do this, does it disappear? Yeah, okay. Same thing, other eye. See it now? And gone? Okay.

Okay, go ahead and check your pressures. Okay, this is the glaucoma check. We do this every time you come in, just because glaucoma is a quiet disease and you don’t know you have it unless you can feel the pressure in your eye. If you feel the pressure pushing on the front of your eye, it’s probably pushing on the back of your eye and slowly taking your vision. So rather than you coming in with pain and pressure really high numbers, we monitor it for you every time you come in. This way, if it starts creeping up, we can give you drops to bring it back down and maintain your vision, okay?

I’m gonna put a little stinging … It just stings a little bit. Then it’ll go numb, gooey, sticky, and then wash out.

So I’ll set that right there.

Yeah, that’s good. Down a little bit, yeah. Okay, here we go. Now your other eye. Good, all right. Go ahead and sit back. Okay, you can wipe your eyes. The next thing I’m gonna do is go ahead and dilate you, okay? Once I put these drops in, it’s gonna take about 15 minutes to take effect. Once it takes effect, it’s gonna last about four hours blurring your vision at near only. You’ll be blurry from about the front seat of your car to your dash, but from the end of the car on, you should be clear. Okay? Good, okay, blink. Good job. All right, your torture here with me is over. I’m gonna have you have a seat in our dilation area, and then Jessica will come get you to see the doctor. Right this way. If you’ll have a seat right here in our dilation area, you can watch some videos on cataract surgery. Once your eyes have dilated, Jessica will come out and get you, and we’ll see you next time. Have a great day.

Okay, Mr. Smith. Let’s see how your eyes are doing here. Good. Okay, you’re ready. Right this way. You can have a seat right in here. This is Jessica.


She’s gonna take over for me today. Let’s go ahead and check for you while she pulls you up on the computer. All right. Okay, Dr. Chinichian will be in to see you shortly, okay? You have a great day. It was a pleasure talking to you, bye.

Okay, cool.

Knock, knock. Hello, Mr. Smith. How are you doing today? Nice to see you. Welcome to our clinic. Let’s take a look and see what you’ve told Tracy here and get you going here. All right, okay, very good. All right, well let’s start off with taking a look at your eyes and make sure everything looks beautiful. Come on in. Put your head right in the chin rest, forehead on the band. Are you comfortable? All right. Open big. Look straight at me. There’s gonna be some bright lights. Just open big. Look straight ahead. Perfect, excellent. All right, very good. Now I’m gonna take a look in the back of your eyes. It’s gonna be a bright light. Hold nice and still. Look straight ahead there for me. All right, very good. Sit back for me.

So everything looks great with your eyes. Your eyes look nice and healthy. I don’t see any signs of damage from diabetes or high blood pressure. As you know, with these conditions, you need to have your eyes checked every year. So, we will be looking forward to see you in one year. If there’s any other problems, anything else I can do for you, feel free to give me a call. Again, my name is Dr. Chinichian. It was nice meeting you. Have a great day. Thank you.

Okay, you want to come with me and I will walk you out to the front.

Have a good rest of the afternoon.

Okay, so we will send you a postcard around one year from now to follow-up. Thanks for coming in.

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If you are experiencing any symptoms associated with cataracts, it is important to seek attention from an eye care professional as soon as possible. At Nevada Eye Physicians, we work to both diagnose and treat cataracts to help our patients gain clearer vision. To schedule your consultation, contact one of our facilities today.

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