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Myint Minute: Picking your Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Myint discussed his 5 skinnies on how to pick the perfect cosmetic surgeon for you!

Video Transcription

Hi! I’m Dr. Myint and welcome to today’s Myint Minute. “How do you choose your plastic surgeon?”

Well, I’m going to give you my four skinnies.

Number one, make sure that the surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, in Body Plastic Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgery. Make sure they’re Board Certified as an Oral-Maxillofacial Plastic Surgeon. Make sure they’re Board Certified as an Ophthalmologist, but fellowship trained in Ocular Facial Plastic Surgery. And also, make sure they’re Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery. Those are the categories that you should look for.

Number two. Make sure that the surgeon has experience in the procedure that you want done. You certainly don’t want an eyelid lift from a plastic surgeon that does 95% butt augmentation.

And number three, make sure that the facility that the surgeon is in is credentialed.

And the fourth, and probably the most important is trust your instincts. You’d be surprised how far it goes. Join me next time on the Myint Minute. Cheers!

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